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PROMARS MRS-2 - Sample based synth from 1979. Very Rare synthesizer pre-midi era so we had sampled this keyboard by holding note by note. This process takes lots of effort and time.
We have ran the MRS-2 through Thick Chandler Little Devil Preamp and into Mastering Grade A/D Converter for the best sound quality possible. If you are looking for Authentic Thick Vintage Analog Sounds this is the one. MRS-2 has been used by Vangelis, Spandau Ballet, Jethro Tull, and Depeche Mode. LFOAudio focuses on bringing the best sample based Plug-ins on the Net! We don't just offer digital emulations but actual recordings of synths and make them available in Plug-in format!


Tone Characteristics:

- Sounds Like: Roland Jupiter 4
- Very Thick Analog Sound
- Patches made for Modern Production
- Customized Patches you will Not find anywhere
- Unique Psychedelic sounds



  • 65 Instruments (Patches)
  • Size 604 MB (Instant Download)
  • Multi-Sampled
  • ADSR, Glide, Pan
  • Filter, Reverb, LFO  (Pitch, Pan)
  • Velocity AMP



      • Any D.A.W that accepts 3rd party plug-ins
      • MAC OS X or WINDOWS PC
      • 32/64 BIT
      • AU / VST / VST3




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